Factors in Determining Bail

If you are charged with a crime, then you will probably be held in jail until you are able to post bail. In order to get out of jail quickly, it could be a good idea to work with bail bonds Harrisburg PA. Of course, nobody wants to spend more money than they have to. Therefore, it is important to take note of some of the factors that are going to influence the amount of money that someone will have to post to get out of jail. What are a few of the factors that will determine the bail amount?

The Nature of the Charges

Arguably, the most important factor that will play a role in determining how large the bail amount is going to be at the nature of the charges. For example, many people who are charged with misdemeanors will not have to pay anything at all. They will be released from jail on their own recognizance, often shortened to ROR. On the other side of the spectrum is remand. These are charges where individuals are not granted bail at all. This is usually reserved for capital offenses such as murder. Most people are going to fall in the middle ground. The more severe the charges, the more money someone will have to pay to get out of jail.

The Prior Criminal Record

Another factor that the judge is going to consider is the defendant’s prior history. Those who have a long criminal history filled with numerous other crimes are going to have to pay more money to get out of jail. On the other hand, those who are being arrested for the first time on a low-level offense and do not have a prior record are going to be granted a lower bail amount. Another fact of the judge is going to consider is whether or not the individual is a flight risk. Do they have ties in the local area? Are they likely to flee? The judge wants to make sure the defendant is going to show up for his or her trial in the event that the case gets that far.

Get Out of Jail Fast

Nobody should have to spend more time sitting in a jail cell then they must. One of the fastest ways to get released from jail has to work with a professional bail bondsman. A bondsman has connections in the justice system that can help people get released more quickly.