3 Situations Where You Need to Hire a Divorce Attorney

Many spouses want to go through divorce as fast as possible. In many states, the divorce can occur within a few hours or days. However, you often lose a lot of privilege when you divorce fast without hiring an attorney. Therefore, before you take things into your own hands, you will have to assess your situation and determine whether it is necessary to hire a divorce lawyer.

Divorce that Involve Financial Issues and Children

On the other hand, you should seek legal representation from Phoenix divorce attorneys if you are facing financial issues in your divorce. You can risk making a costly mistake if you settle the issues on your own without the help of a lawyer. For example, you and your spouse have a lot of joint debts and both of you can’t reach a conclusion on who is to pay the bill after divorce. A divorce lawyer can help to sort them out. Getting a divorce lawyer is particularly important if you are financially dependent on the other.

This means that you will need to think about what you and your children will be living on after the divorce. So, it is important to get fair spouse support from your spouse. You will not need to hire a divorce lawyer if you did not accumulate any marital asset or have any children in the marriage. You simply need to fill out forms which can be obtained from the local courthouse. You may not even need to appear in court if you can prove it is an uncontested divorce.

You Suspect Your Spouse

You may have a partner that you cannot trust and you suspect that he is hiding some financial information on you. He may have some savings and assets in other places that you don’t know. You can accidentally come across the secrets of your spouse through conversation, his phone calls, or the written documents on his desk. If you suspect it, you can give the lawyer the information you know and he can pursue the case further.  Perhaps you suspect he has some businesses in other places which you don’t know. The divorce lawyer can investigate the issue. He can also get help from financial appraisers to find out the estimated value for the business to ensure the assets are divided equally.

You Have an Abusive Spouse

You have a difficult spouse that is constantly threatening you and abusing you. The abusive spouse can easily pressure you into an unfair deal in a domestic violence when there is no involvement of a legal counselor. If you have a lawyer, he can get a restraining order so that your spouse stays a distance from you. You can secure a restraining order simply with allegations of abuse. The settlement will be in your favor if your spouse violates the restraining order. The lawyer can also protect you from being homeless if you are worried that you will get chased out by your spouse who owns the house.