Work Injury: No Time to Wait

Work: a necessary part of life. Unfortunately, injuries can happen in every field. Whether one is in a cubicle all day, working at a restaurant, excavating a job site, laying concrete, or underwater welding, freak accidents can change one’s life forever in only seconds. Whatever the case or field, if one is injured, follow these tips to maximize the chance of proper care and compensation.

Report it Immediately

Whether the injury is large or small, file a report. One never knows when what appears to be a small injury can very quickly progress into something far more serious. What appears to be a back strain could be disc or vertebrae problems. A staple in one’s hand could get infected. Wrist and forearm pain could be tendonitis. Major injuries should obviously be reported, but don’t overlook the apparent “smaller pains”.  Also, make sure that it’s a written report. With it in writing, there’s proof it was reported and not just vocalized. This also helps to prevent against fraud. If in doubt, let someone know immediately. It might save one from lack of care or compensation later.

Medical Treatment and Records

If the pain persists or it’s a more major injury, don’t wait to seek medical treatment. In extreme cases, an ambulance will take one to the hospital, but most of the time this isn’t the case. A lot of companies have a panel of doctors or hospitals that their employees can visit if there is an injury at work. Make sure to let the doctors know all the details of the injury. If it seems like too many details, it probably isn’t. Don’t embellish the story. State the facts only as workman’s compensation fraud is a major offense.

Emphasize that the injury happened at work and make sure to check that it is indeed recorded on the after-visit summary. Keep all paperwork from any doctor’s visits or any correspondence with one’s employer filed together. It’s better to have to sift through a lot of paperwork than not have what’s needed. This is especially true if one needs to get injury lawyers involved.

Lawyer Up

Fortunately, this is not a necessary step in all work injuries. Sometimes the injury is obvious, and the company and injured employee can come to an agreement without any problems. If this needs to be taken to court though, find a good lawyer. Self-advocation can lead to far less compensation than one can get with a good attorney. While this is a more lengthy process, a good attorney will make sure that the employer isn’t able to bend the law without the injured individual knowing. Through reviewing one’s testimony, medical documents, and other things pertinent to the case, a good attorney will craft together the best defense possible for maximum compensation.

While work injuries are not optimal, they are a part of the business world. If an injury happens to you, make sure to report it right away. Keep detailed records of correspondence and medical records. If necessary, find a good workman’s comp lawyer. One’s health is important and a work injury needs to be dealt with properly.