Best Bars in Downtown West Chester

If you are heading to West Chester, Pennsylvania and wondering what to do after hours, you are in luck. This small Philadelphia suburb, while famous for more sober pursuits like penicillin production and the first biography of Abraham Lincoln, is also well-known for its nightlife. Below are three bars on West Gay Street that you don’t want to miss. Have fun and don’t worry; if things get out of hand, you can always learn how to bail someone out of jail West Chester PA.

Saloon 151

This country-themed bar and grill located at 151 West Gay Street was founded by a long-time West Chester resident and is loved by locals. Expect meat and potatoes on the menu, and whiskey or craft beer in your cup. The patio is open during nice weather, and on weekends you can listen to live country music. If you are still out and about at breakfast time, the Crafty Dog next door serves danishes and other morning meal items.

Ryan’s Pub

This cozy Irish-American hangout at 124 West Gay Street has a variety of seating arrangements to suit the weather and your mood. Choose from outdoor seating along Gay Street, an indoor bar on the first floor, an outdoor bar with a deck, or an intimate dining area on the second floor. Enjoy standard American fare like hamburgers and macaroni and cheese or a traditional Irish meal like shepherd’s pie or fish and chips. You can wash it down with your favorite Irish beer or one of their daily drink specials.

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

If you like your food and drink to be fresh and local, 3 West Gay Street is the place for you. Iron Hill Brewery’s claim to fame is that it has won more awards for their beers than any brewery east of the Mississippi river; and once you sip one you will understand why. You can sample home-brews on tap with unusual names like Guavaboi, Hop Showers, or Bedotter. Pair your drink with one of their signature appetizers or made-from-scratch entrees for an unforgettable evening.

Downtown West Chester is best enjoyed on foot. On weekends or weekdays after five o’clock p.m., you can park for free in the County Garage on Market Street. To eliminate the worry of driving, you also may choose to have a ride-hailing service drop you off on West Gay Street in the downtown area. Drink responsibly and enjoy your stay in this party city.