Do You Know About These Unusual Types of Lawyers?

When someone requires the help of an attorney, they often call a number from the best advertised local professional in the area. The problem is that not all lawyers are trained in the same categories of law. Law school teaches theory and legal writing, not every matter under the legal system. Here are some of the unusual types of lawyers you may need in the coming years that you probably don’t know about yet.

  1. DUI Lawyer

When you are pulled over and tested for alcohol consumption, even if you test positive for too much in your blood, it doesn’t mean you are automatically guilty. A good attorney can help prove your innocence by showing testing machines are faulty or that you were treated unfairly.

  1. Civil Rights Attorney

If you find yourself fighting issues of human rights, discrimination, equality, or social freedom, you should look for a civil rights representative Edmond OK. Because of the intensive number of documents, legal arguments, and negotiations that go on in a civil rights case, it is vital to have an attorney that understands the possible future of your case.

  1. Construction Lawyer

The construction lawyer specializes in obtaining documents and permits associated with building construction. If there is a battle over property lines or easement rights, it is best to have a professionally trained construction lawyer on your side.

  1. Traffic Attorney

Anytime you get a traffic ticket after being stopped by an officer, these attorneys can help you dispute the ticket. Whether it is a radar machine that may read incorrectly or the officer’s word against yours, your lawyer can fight for you.

With all the different types of attorneys available, it is essential to know which sort you need in any kind of predicament you may encounter. Rather than contacting the nearest and best-advertised lawyer near you, find one that has trained to help individuals with your particular problem.