Even a Soft Touch Can Land You In Jail

You were at the tavern with friends when the most beautiful girl you had ever seen walked right next to your table. You were mesmerized and could not take your eyes off her, even after she kissed a man sitting on a stool at the bar. Gathering your courage, you approached her as soon as you saw the guy leave the area. Your line was smooth, but you did not expect the beautiful woman to scream for help as soon as you laid your hand upon her shoulder. As fists flew and you got arrested for starting a fight, you wondered how you had gotten into this predicament.

To Jail You Go

Once you are in custody, most officers will put you in the rear seat of their vehicle and read you your Miranda Warning. Whether you are handcuffed or not is often dependent upon your behavior, so avoid the cuffs by maintaining your temper and remaining silent.

To Questioning You Head

Once at the station, you may be searched, photographed, and fingerprinted. You will be asked to give personal identifying information, and it is recommended that you do so. Some precincts then allow officers to take you aside into an interrogation room to ask you questions about the incident. You are not obligated to answer the myriad of queries that the officers offer – just request an attorney.

To Court You Leave

The meeting you have with the courthouse judge is called an arraignment. Your charges are read, you are asked if you understand the legal implications of your arrest, and you will be asked to plead to the offense. If you do not have an attorney with you, you can repeat your request for one. The judge will then provide you with a bail amount and explain the stipulations of your release.

To Bail You Reach

Your family can look on the internet to find how to bail someone out of jail Philadelphia PA once they know how much your bail amount will be. Contacting a bond agent can get the process started, and it can get you out of jail after you provide the agent with 10% of the amount due to the court.

If there is anything you may have learned from this wild arrest adventure, it would be never to touch an unknown female – no matter how attractive she may be. It just is not worth a few nights in jail.