Insurance Lawyers Protect Your Home from Climate Change Disasters

Around the world, climate change is creating the conditions to create more natural disasters and making them more severe. Cities around shorelines are more at risk of flooding, while forest fires have affected Canadian provinces like British Colombia, Ontario, and Nova Scotia.

Each region has its unique natural features, putting it at greater or lesser risk. Homeowners need to be extra mindful of these characteristics when purchasing a home. Once they have, they need sufficient home insurance to protect against these risks. The last thing they want is to be a victim of a fire or flood and learn after the fact that their coverage is not what they thought it was.

Let’s look at how the leading insurance lawyers can assist you when you have to make an insurance claim.

Understand Your Flood and Fire Coverage

When safeguarding your home, water is the enemy. Little amounts in the wrong places can cause mould that causes health problems and its remediation is expensive to eliminate. Deep floodwaters can wash away your entire home.

Usually, restoring the damage costs tens of thousands of dollars, but this total can vary considerably because if your home is damaged by floods, your neighbours are probably affected, too. This, in turn, impacts the availability of local construction companies, as they can’t service the entire community at once.

Do not assume that a fire or flood in your home will necessarily be covered by your policy, as the details of your coverage are important. For example, some home insurance policies cover the damage from water that comes from above, like rain, rather than from below, as floods do.

Leading insurance lawyers ensure you are aware of the current coverage you have so there are no surprises down the road. You may need to get a premium level of coverage depending on where you live and the associated risks of floods or fires.

Get a Larger Settlement

Losing your home is emotionally devastating. Navigating an insurance settlement is rarely a simple and smooth process, and you will never have less patience or focus for it than after losing your home to a disaster. You will want experienced professionals who understand how the system works and can negotiate on your behalf.

You don’t need to accept the first number the insurance company throws at you! They often understate the damage done to mitigate their own expenses, and insurance lawyers can fix that by getting you a higher settlement, sometimes as high as double.

Restore, Not Just Repairing

One common concern victims of natural disasters have is that their insurance company is only inadequately responding to their needs. Maybe they are repairing the structure instead of rebuilding it, and the adjuster is taking too long to get back to you while you are trying to move on with your life.

Insurance lawyers advocate for you while streamlining these processes. They will ensure you understand how much bylaw coverage you have and that damaged items in the household are accurately counted and appraised, so you get the compensation you deserve.

Victims of fires and floods lose the security of their homes but also a lifetime of possessions with practical and sentimental attachments. The right insurance lawyer will help you get back on your feet quickly with what you are entitled to under your policy.

Natural disasters have always been a risk, but climate change makes the danger more acute. As these threats come closer to home, ensure that your home has ample coverage and that you have an experienced insurance lawyer by your side.