Phone Numbers Every Trucker Should Know

Trucking can be a risky business. It’s best to have a few phone numbers handy for when you need some help. Below are some of the types of phone numbers every trucker should have plugged into their cell phones in case of emergencies.

Traffic Attorney

Even professional drivers can be ticketed. Sometimes the driver may have rightfully earned the ticket, while others may not. If you get a ticket and are in the group of people who did not deserve it, then you will want to call a traffic attorney. Luckily, there are specialized traffic attorneys for truckers. Someone who does this job is called a cdl traffic attorney. These attorneys will have more experienced dealing with people who have a cdl than a regular traffic attorney would. It is important to keep their number handy. After all, if you lose your cdl, you can’t be a trucker anymore.

Roadside Assistance

Just like cars, big trucks can get into accidents or break down. When this happens, it is important to know where you can find assistance. The National Truck Service has a 24/7 hotline any trucker can call from anywhere in the continental United States when they run into trouble. This service will do their best to get truckers back on the road as quickly as possible so they can get back to work. Of course, there are other roadside assistance groups that will do the same task. So, find the one that best fits your needs (and your insurance coverage).

Insurance Provider

Anyone who drivers should know the number for their insurance provider, whether you have the insurance by yourself or through your employee. Luckily, if you have your insurance paperwork in your vehicle (which everyone should do anyway), there should be your provider’s number on it. This way, you can report a claim while you are on the road, instead of needing to wait until you get to a place with internet access so you can look up the number. Certain trucking insurers will also have apps that you can download on any smartphone; you can use these apps to report claim. Using an app is even better than making a call because you will be able to send pictures of the damage. You will also likely be able to get an insurance quote much faster this way.

Whether you have been a trucker for a month or years, it is important to know these types of phone numbers. You never know when you might need them!