The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Penal Code 288 Attorney

In today’s society, there are a whole lot of vices that harm individuals and destroy the moral fabric of society. This has inspired the drafting of stringent laws tailor-made to punish such vices. To a vast majority of the population, such strict laws are welcome and are seen as the best way to fix the society.

Besides saving the society from evils and warning future offenders, such laws can prove painful if a suspect is innocent. Take penal code 288, for example. These are a set of rules designed to punish lewd acts against minors. And depending on the age of the victim or nature of the crime, different legal consequences will be attracted.

Cases involving minors, in most cases, will tip against your favor. This is inspired by the perception of most folks that children are innocent. If you are involved in such a case, you have a very minimal percentage of getting justice.

Your only chance of getting justice if you are accused of violating penal code 288 is by getting the best attorney. And they should have the following qualities.

Highly skilled and experienced

As mentioned above the society always perceives the children as innocent. To successfully put such a case behind you, you will need to work with an attorney who has experience in working on such matters. The experience will equip them with excellent analytical skills that you prove to the court or the jury your innocence.

Embracing technology

Due to the complexity of penal code 288 cases, you will want to work with an attorney who has embraced technology. Technology plays a vital role in proving your innocence through devices such as lie detectors and subsequently presenting the results to the presiding judge.

Another application of technology is proving that your DNA can not be traced to the crime scene. Employing such measures builds a solid case in your favor.

The aspect of professionalism

Professionalism in the field of law is everything. And again owing to the complexity of such cases, an excellent penal code 288 attorney should offer professional advice. The advice touches on how to conduct yourself during the legal proceedings and what to talk about.

The cases are sensitive and should be handled with unchallenged maturity. Anything short of that might translate to your attorney being insensitive.

Excellent communication skills

Cases involving minors and lewd activities perfectly fit the proverbial title ‘’hot soup’’. That title, however, does not hold water if you have the backing of an excellent communicator for a lawyer. By communicating effectively, a reasonable attorney can make substantial submissions and in your favor.

Your attorney should also be able to effectively communicate to you and with you on all the developments related to your case and in ample time.

Honesty and problem-solving skills

All legal proceedings involve a lot of processes. Your lawyer will, however, know most of these processes before you do and the right thing to do will be to furnish you with all the information.


As seen above the penal code 288 is stringent on all offenses involving minors. The above tips among others will, therefore, be the initial steps when looking for an excellent attorney