Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Cleaning Services Company

Maintaining your home always to look presentable and livable is an easy task. Yes, it is! It is if you have all the strength scrubbing the floor of your entire house and at the same time burnishing your kitchen sink and toilet bowl, shaking the dust off your drawers and window panes, polishing your furniture, and other exhausting housework. Sounds easy, right?

However, what if your household chores are too much for you to handle? What if you have a job that is eating most of your time and strength? Is a single hour enough to do all the tasks mentioned above? Would you still have the energy to get a broom and sweep off dirt and dust after a massive and stressful day at work? I guess none!

Luckily, there are already companies who support and assist us in resolving this problem. These companies provide cleaning services for our home, because admit it or not, we all need a maid service!

But hiring strangers who will come inside your house and operate your personal belongings seems scary and risky. That is why you need to make sure that before calling a cleaning services company, you have done your homework first and ensured that you only hire the best!

Here are the Things that You Need to Know Before Hiring a Cleaning Services Company

Positive Feedback From Other Clients. Remember, you are not alone who’s in need for cleaning services. Check your prospect company’s website and look for feedback from their previous and current clients. Make presumptions of their work ethics and performance based on the reactions of their other customers. If they have positive feedbacks, then they’re probably good at their job.

Aside from the feedback of random people, you can also ask around your neighborhood, family, and friends if they know a good cleaning services company whom you can call. Also, ask if they already had experiences with this company and if it’s truly commendable. Cleaning companies with many clients turn out to have pleasing services. Hence, hire only a company that has excellent and satisfactory ratings!

Adhere to Professional Ethics. Though people who deliver cleaning services at home only stay at your house to do household chores, they still have to maintain professionalism and follow specific work ethics. The simplest way to know if they possess this character is through their appearance as workers. Check if they wear a uniform and if they are neat and presentable.

Professionalism should not only focus on the physical appearance of the employees, but it also includes their decorum. They must show some respect to you, to your family, and your home. They must use appropriate language and would address you formally. After all, your house becomes their workplace. Thus, it only fits that they observe decency.

Cleaning Equipment. A good cleaning company must provide you with new and advanced cleaning materials. You must check first if their cleaning supplies like a vacuum cleaner, mop, or broom are in good condition and are not worn-out due to excessive use from cleaning numerous houses.

To make sure that they only use the best materials for your house, you can call them and ask their available materials which they can bring and inquire about their condition. If you are doubtful, you can always offer your cleaning supplies at home, make sure that you state this during the phone call.

Offer Clear Insurance Policy. Cleaning services providers work in and on your properties. Make sure that the company you will be dealing with offers you a clear insurance policy. Read and understand the system thoroughly so that you will know your stand if something unfortunate happens during their service like damage or loss of your belongings.

Every cleaning company must provide insurance, and you should be wise in choosing a company that has broader insurance coverage. Bear in mind that their insurance is for you and your belongings’ protection.

Reasonable and Affordable Cost. Getting maid service does not have to be expensive to the point of emptying your pocket. Before making calls, check your savings first and avail only services that are suitable for your budget. You do not have to go over your finances. Be practical!

Fortunately, today, many cleaning companies already offer various service packages where you can choose which package you can avail. Grab only services that your house need most without sacrificing your bankroll. Besides, you can always negotiate!


Sure you can manage your house well, but sometimes we need external help to get our house back in shape while we address other more critical and urgent matters. Even Though we leave the condition of our house to other people, it is still our responsibility to make sure that we entrust it in good hands. Thus, we should take time in evaluating the cleaning company’s qualities before hiring it to work for us.