The LSAT is not essentially designed to measure academic knowledge even though such background is useful. As we all know, LSAT prep can be difficult and the most intimidating part is the logic games section. However, the logic games section can also become the easiest when students work towards improving on it. The more comfortable you get at logic games, the more confident you become. It may just be enjoyable to have fun working on it.

Some of the tips towards scoring high grades include:

Familiarize yourself with these types of questions: learn and understand how to set-up such a game by buying a Logic Games book that will enable you grasp the basics of setting them up. The main types of Logic Games include: sequencing games, distribution, matching and selection. Hybrid games that are a combination of the other types are also very useful.

Time management: This is critical trying to solve the logic games within a stipulated time. Do not try to find a solution to a game that takes up all the time. It is unnecessary. Do not fall into this trap. Just solve what each question requires since that is all you need to figure out. However, at first practice without timing so as to understand the concepts and learn how to tackle logic games.

Practice drawing diagrams especially in small spaces: You will not get extra paper into the test so it is in your best interest to know how to draw diagrams in the space provided on that regular test page.

Look for previous test questions and their answers to help you practice. Sometimes LSAT prep tests base their questions on previous ones on the same game. This will also help you to eliminate wrong answers and work towards getting the right answer.

Maximize your strengths. Start with the questions you understand very well and work towards the challenging one. This means, just because the LSAT logic games are in a particular order does not insinuate you have to attempt them in that order. First play the logic games you are most comfortable with and later attempt the more difficult games. So, pick up the easy points first and work on the harder ones with the remaining time.

Time yourself during practice: The most effective way to improve on your LSAT logic games section is to practice a lot. Attempt as many timed exams as possible. The LSAT logic games part is usually 35 minutes and has 4 games (approximately 9 minutes a game) so get used to playing the game within that time.

The vital secret to passing the LSAT logic games section is simply learning to love them. The LSAT logic games can be predictable and so it is possible to solve them efficiently. Using the set rules and strategies you can conquer this section. Practice and time management is key.

Accuracy is also important. Careless mistakes can cost you a couple of marks plus it takes more time to redo so try to be very accurate. During practice, work on improving your speed by attempting one logic game section every day. Make it a routine.