Top Careers in Demand in Canada

If you are headed to college or you are looking to change career fields, you don’t just want to pick any job for your financial future. Careers that are in high demand offer greater job security with better pay. Thanks to the BC PNP program, it is easy for professionals to relocate to Canada for increased job opportunities. Here are some of the careers in the highest demand.

Registered Nursing

Canada shares a similar need with the rest of the world for highly trained and experienced medical workers. Registered nursing is at the top of the list for labor opportunities since many baby boomers are starting to reach retirement age. Additionally, a large majority of those in the nursing profession is also about to reach retirement, leading to a significant loss in the field.

Truck Driving

The state of the economy in Canada would not be as healthy without the continuous efforts of those in the truck driving industry. However, reports are showing that not enough young people are entering the field, with the median truck driving age being around 46 back in 2016. With just over half of those in the trucking driving field between the ages of 46-65, there is a huge retirement move on the horizon. Canada could lose as many as 12,000 truckers in the next ten years.

Collegiate-level Instructing

A growing need for training in both academic and vocational disciplines is leading to increased demand for more instructors at the collegiate level. The current base of faculty and instructors is heavily populated with those nearing retirement age, with a loss of about 3,500 instructors expected in the next ten years. The post-secondary academic system continues to be heavily influenced by provincial and federal government involvement, leading to further need for qualified instructors.

Business Consulting

Though strong, the Canadian economy relies on the global marketplace for support. Companies that wish to remain competitive on such a large scale must be highly efficient with both productivity and financial operations. Management consultants play a leading role in guiding businesses to adopt strategies that achieve this end. Business-related degrees may be enough to gain entry into the field, but a specialty in areas of manufacturing, tourism, or technology can better your chances of a more worthwhile position.

There are plenty of job opportunities in Canada, and from what the natives say, it is a beautiful place to live and work. These fields can give you an idea of what job security you may find in the Great White North.