Understanding the Many Dangers That Can Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are a very serious problem that can put many peoples’ lives and health at risk. As a result, it is important to understand what kind of situations may trigger an accident. Doing so will help to decrease these issues and provide individuals with the best chance of staying safe.

The Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Though many bike accidents occur due to cyclist error, many are often outside of their range of control. These struggles can be among the toughest for some drivers to handle and are particularly upsetting if they aren’t handled in a meaningful way. Just a few of the most common causes include:

  • Head-On Collisions – Motorcycle drivers who aren’t careful often end up crashing head-first into many vehicles and suffering excessive pain. Over half of all motorcycle deaths occur in this way when the driver and the other vehicle strike each other from the front – nearly 80 percent of all motorcycle accidents.
  • Left-Hand Turns – Many car drivers don’t pay attention to cyclists when they make left turns or take them too broadly and end up impacting a cyclist. These accidents account for nearly 45 percent of all motorcycle accident collisions and a large number of deaths in these accidents.
  • Lane Splitting – Though legal in many states, lane splitting – where the cyclist rides between two lanes of stalled traffic – can be very dangerous. For example, a driver may turn unexpectedly or the cyclist may lose control in this tight situation and end up impacting a car and causing troubles.
  • Alcohol Abuse – Whether the motorcyclist or other drivers are abusing alcohol, this problem impacts at least 25 percent of all motorcycle accidents. Typically, this problem is worse when the cyclist is drinking because it may impact how well they can handle their vehicle.
  • High-Performance Bikes – Cyclists who upgrade to a high-performance bike too soon may find themselves unable to control their vehicle. When this happens, a real chance of a crash is likely, which can impact many different people if they are driving at high speeds when it happens.
  • Poor Driving Conditions – When it is snowing or raining, cyclists need to be especially careful as their bike may be prone to slipping and sliding. Those riders who do not take care in these situations may suddenly find themselves sliding directly into other drivers or various vehicles.
  • Damaged Road Surface – Motorcycles will jump and jive heavily on damaged roads and may be hard to control when this happens. Uneven pavement, cracks in the road, and potholes can all cause unsafe motorcyclists to crash and experience severe health problems that may linger for years.

If you experience a cycle crash in any of these conditions, it is important to reach out to a Denver motorcycle accident lawyer who can help to defend you. These professionals are good enough to provide you with the help that makes it simpler to get the compensation that you deserve.