What are some common injuries faced by pedestrians during an accident?

Pedestrians can face injuries while walking or jogging due to the negligence of the driver. They are also eligible to seek compensation. A personal injury lawyer in Barry is an expert in providing advice during such accidents. But before filing a claim, that people are aware of the injuries so that the right treatment is taken.

Learn about various kinds of Pedestrian Accident Injuries:

Traumatic head or brain injury- This happens if any outside force damages the functioning of the brain. It usually happens due to the strong blow. These injuries are minor to severe, depending upon the impact of the accident.

Injury to spine – In this case, a spinal cord gets damaged due to the violent blow. There can be a fracture in the spine or vertebrae that may dislocate. It also leads to making a person completely paralyzed as there is a connection between the spinal cord, brain and other parts of the body. So, a minute problem can disturb the life of a person.

Emotional injuries – This is mainly an injury that is not physical. People undergo emotional trauma for a longer period of post-injury. Getting hit by a car makes them feel nervous or scared inside.

Soft tissue getting injured – It includes injuries such as bruises, lacerations, tears, dislocations, and sprains. These injuries may get resolved on their own with little medication. But the victim may feel pain due to it and thus, are advised to rest. They are unable to do their usual day to day tasks. The victim may also face scarring which can affect them emotionally.

Pelvic injuries: After getting hit from a motor vehicle, pedestrians may have to face pelvic fractures/injuries. It is mainly due to the design of a vehicle which consists of a hood.

Fractures – This happens when pressure on the bone is too high in comparison to the bone. It is treated well but can lead to some severe medical problems. The quality of life of the victim gets affected. They may have to go through lifelong pain.

Amputations – At times the force of the accident is so high that a person has to face accidental amputation of limbs.

Broken bones – Pedestrians who are hit by cars, trucks or any other vehicle may get their bone damaged. This is extremely painful and hence, the victim should be taken immediately to the doctor. The repair takes time.

Internal injury- Bleeding inside the brain or rib getting fractured are some of the common injuries which pedestrians may face after the accident.

Death – It is caused due to the lack of safety as well as the size of the vehicle. It is found that more than 4500 pedestrians die due to such accidents.

Injured pedestrians must reach out to an expert Personal injury lawyer in Barry and take the rightful legal action.