What to Do Immediately After a Car Accident

Even the safest drivers can be in a major car accident. You need to react quickly in the face of severe injury, shock, or loss of blood. Being prepared in case of an accident can help save your life or the lives of those in your car.

Assess Injuries

Your life and the lives of those in your vehicle should be your top priority. Is anyone severely injured or is the car unsafe? Assess injuries and try to remain calm. If the car is on fire, move everyone a safe distance away from the vehicle. You may want to avoid engaging the other driver until the police arrive.

Call the police

Calling the police should be your next step after an accident, even if the accident is minor. Your insurance company may require the police incident report if you have injuries or damage to your vehicle. A police report can also be invaluable if you need a Tampa Car Accident Attorney to handle your injury claim. Once the police are present, you should report information to the police about what happened clearly and factually.

Document the Accident

You should take photos and record as much information as possible. Take photos of any injuries to yourself or your passengers. Then take clear pictures of your vehicle from all angles. If you do not have your phone, it may help to draw a diagram of the accident. Avoid admitting guilt to the other driver and only give your name and insurance information.

Contact Your Insurance Company

If you are able, call your insurance company at the scene of the accident. They will ask for the information you have documented about the accident and give you instructions on how to submit your photos. Once you have been treated for injuries, report your medical bills to the company or follow the advice of your lawyer if you have retained one. Your insurance company might also offer a phone app that allows you to report the accident and upload photos instead of calling them.

Accidents can be terrifying and responding well can save your life and the lives of others. Listen to the advice of the police if they think you need immediate medical attention or to move your vehicle. Staying calm and recording as much information as possible can help you and your loved ones survive the accident and navigate the insurance claim process.