Seek the right legal help to get rid of stunt driving charges 

Being convicted of racing can have a serious influence on one’s life and financial conditions, as it is considered extremely dangerous in Canada. Stunt driving may lead to serious injuries of a driver or passengers or other road users. Which, in turn, can lead to worse consequences.

There are many peculiarities about stunt driving, so let’s take a look at what it is and which fines you can be imposed upon conviction.

Basically, stunt driving is a kind of deviation from the normal operation of a motor vehicle on the highway. Here are some examples:

  • Racing by distancing yourself from other vehicles by rapidly accelerating your vehicle speed.
  • Exceeding 50km/h over the allowed speed limit.
  • Stepping out of the vehicle or standing on the motorcycle.
  • Driving with no attention or care to the other motorists on the highway.
  • Chasing another vehicle.
  • Any kind of vehicle burnouts, donuts or drifts.
  • Driving a person in the trunk of the motor vehicle.
  • Turn to the left at a certain intersection long before the opposite traffic gets the opportunity to pass first and safe.

In most of these cases, it becomes really hard for a person to fight such stunt driving tickets and eventually the license might get suspended. This can also refrain you from getting the right insurance for your vehicle and eventually leads to high-risk insurance companies which have premiums at least 300% higher per month.

Important: once you’ve been served with a summons to court for stunt driving charge Ontario, the first step you should do is to stop driving under any sort of circumstances. You should also try to recover your vehicle at the earliest to avoid any sort of expenses associated with storage fees and/or towing.

There are many defence strategies which can be applied to fight stunt driving tickets, however they are very specific and have a lot of nuances depending on each individual case. If you go to court alone, chances are you’ll be convicted. If you don’t get the required professional support, this can lead to crucial punishment with fines ranging between $2,000 to $10,000, driving licence suspension for a maximum of 2 years and jail up to 6 months. Hence, you should take it seriously and get professional paralegal advice.

You never know the specifics of the law and don’t communicate with the court every day, thus it can be quite stressful for you to be present at the court and defend your driving freedom. Even one small mistake or wrong word can affect you and your well-being to a great extent.

But don’t worry, a knowledgeable paralegal can always come to your rescue. Such firms like X-COPS ( will always be there to help you and fight any driving offence. You do not need to go to the court alone to handle the situation, you even don’t need to appear there by yourself. The experts at X-COPS are specialists in taking care of traffic tickets and driving violations and they will go to the court on behalf of you.

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