Should Young People Travel?

When their high school-age child brings home a brochure about traveling abroad, parents may wonder what all the hype is about. What benefit is there in a trip to a different country? There are a number of reasons it can be a great idea for youth to visit places outside their own country.

Cultural Immersion

High school and college students are in a very impressionable time of their lives. Having the experience of learning first-hand about other cultures is one of the best ways for them to open their minds. Not only seeing the differences but also beginning to understand why those things happen in a culture can help to prepare the youth for the future.

Perhaps one day they’ll decide to become international businessmen. Getting their visa to travel as a young person prepares them to get their E2 Visa Houston TX if they need it to do business internationally. Traveling abroad while young helps them to look at things from the point of view of the country they might be doing business in.


It’s amazing to see the differences in young people before traveling internationally and after. They have learned how to work with other youth they may not have known before. They have learned how to handle themselves in difficult situations with language barriers. Getting around an unfamiliar place and working through challenges helps them learn to adapt to future changes in their lives.


If young people are studying languages in school, nothing is better for their language improvement than using the language frequently. In a country where the language is predominant, they can’t get out of trying to use it. The more they use it, the more proficient they become.


Learning more about the world will only help youth as they move on to university studies or get into the workforce. With the world connecting through internet and social media, it is becoming more common for workers to travel to meet with coworkers or business partners across the globe. Making connections in their youth can help young people throughout their lives as they network and work to improve their positions in their companies or as they create new, global companies of their own.

There are many advantages for youth who travel internationally. Whether it is the confidence, the language or the cultural knowledge, the experience will benefit them for years to come. Giving young people an opportunity of a lifetime can help them for their whole lifetime.