Skilled worker visa UK

If you want to come and live in the UK to work you will likely need to apply for a skilled worker visa. You can enter the UK on other types of visa’s such as a visitor visa, however, you will likely not be able to work during your time in the UK.

A skilled worker visa UK is also known as a tier 2 visa or a UK work visa. This is a point-based visa, which means you may be successful in your application if you score a certain number of points, generally 70, in the categories that the Home Office has set out. You can score points based on your age, your English language abilities, your qualifications and your income.

In order to be successful in your work visa application you must have a job offer in place for an employer that has a valid sponsorship licence granted by the Home Office. The job you are offered must be on the UK shortage occupation list. Your employer is responsible for ensuring they have a sponsorship licence, which must have been granted before you can start your work visa application.

What you are allowed to do on a work visa

When you are granted a skilled worker visa you are allowed to stay in the country for a maximum period of five years and 14 days, or the time on your certificate of sponsorship plus one month, whichever is shorter. You may afterwards be allowed to extend your initial visa when this is due to expire. Your extension can allow you up to five mor years in the country, as long as your total stay in no longer than six years.

You are allowed to arrive in the UK up to 2 weeks before the start of your certificate of sponsorship.

While you are in the UK you are allowed to work for your sponsor in the job described on your application. You may also work a second job, undertake voluntary work, study and travel abroad during your time in the UK.

Once you have been in the UK for 5 years on a skilled worker visa and you wish to remain in the UK you may be eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain. However, there are further conditions that you must meet in order to do so.

While you are on a tier 2 work visa you cannot access public funds or own more than 10 per cent of your sponsor’s shares, unless you earn more than £159,600 a year. You may also not apply for a second job before you start working for your sponsor.

You can not simply change jobs, as you must apply for a new skilled worker visa if you do.

You can go through the UK visa application process by yourself or you can receive support from an immigration solicitor. Solicitors Manchester AWH can provide expert guidance and advice with all UK visa applications and are highly successful in point-based visa applications.