5 Mistakes to Avoid Before Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Whether you fall in line at a restaurant or get struck by a careless driver in a vehicle, compensation awaits you once you find a lawyer like those at Breakstone, White & Gluck to file a personal injury claim. Before you overreact, take the time to avoid making these mistakes before filing a personal injury claim.

Be physically aggressive

You need to show you suffered an injury because someone else was careless or incompetent. Don’t harm someone because that can worsen a bad situation. If you suffer an injury and then retaliate physically, you’re also at risk of getting arrested. According to Alarms.org, the violent crime rate in Massachusetts in 2018 was 8% below the national rate. So, while you may be less likely to be the target of an attack than in other states, hurting someone else will surely get you convicted.

Threaten anyone

While being assertive and speaking your mind is a great way to empower yourself and feel confident, you don’t want to make threats towards anyone. For your safety, avoid verbally abusive behavior suggesting you’ll resort to criminal activity. If you’ve been threatened, extorted, or blackmailed into being quiet, understand that an attorney will encourage you to stand up for yourself.

Make false accusations

There is a psychological impact of being falsely accused that can lead to serious mental health risks. If what happened didn’t happen as you say, you’d be lying, and your case would be at significant risk. There is no benefit from delivering anything but the truth to your attorney. Protect your chances at winning a personal injury claim by getting your facts and details straight before you say a word.

Demand money

If you want to get into trouble for bribery, then by all means, take the chance of demanding that someone responsible for your injury turn over money or gifts for immediate compensation. At worst, you can end up with an extortion charge in addition to making someone feel uncomfortable. Accept that after an incident occurs, you have legal avenues within your grasp that you can pursue. Tell your attorney how important it is for you to win a personal injury claim and you can be sure he will advocate on your behalf.

Choose to do nothing

In the end, one of the worst decisions you can make is to do nothing. After suffering an injury, doing nothing signals to the person responsible that there is nothing you can do and they’ve gotten away with causing you an injury. Additionally, not seeking legal counsel can also make you feel worse about yourself, especially if you’ve been sidelined from work or routine activities. Instead of being passive, stand up for what you believe and talk to an attorney to help get your life back on track.

Wherever you’ve been injured, no matter the injury, an attorney can help you seek compensation in a personal injury case if you decide to hire one. Lawyers will tell you that there are some decisions you can make that will do you more harm than good, such as attacking or threatening someone or simply choosing to do nothing. Next time you’re ready to file a personal injury claim, be sure you look out for yourself by avoiding mistakes that could harm your case or reputation.