Types of Damages that you Can Claim for Auto Accident Injuries

When you are injured in an accident that is no fault of your own, it can a stressful and scary situation, but when you are injured, the situation becomes much worse. Depending on your injuries, you may lose work for weeks, be hospitalized, or even be permanently disabled. The costs associated with your injuries can cause financial devastation. If your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be able to file a claim for compensation for your injuries. Although your claims for medical care will be included in the list of potential damages you may be compensated for, there are a number of other things for which you may be compensated as well. Here is a list of the most common types of damages that your personal attorney at Chudleigh Law can file on your behalf for your auto accident injuries.

Medical Expenses

Even a few minor scrapes and bruises may cause financial difficulties when you are faced with the medical bills resulting from the accident. However, if you are severely injured or even permanently disabled, your medical bills may lead to financial ruin. Your attorney can help you file a claim for compensation for your medical expenses that were caused by the accident. Medical expenses may include but are certainly not limited to, medical transport fees, permanent disability, in-home treatment services, therapy, consultations with medical professionals, medical equipment, such as crutches or neck brace, and prescription medications.

Lost Wages

Following an automobile accident, your injuries may lead to a complete loss of wages or a partial loss of wages. Lost wages may also include not being able to work because you are hospitalized, have mobility issues or physical therapy sessions, and other things that may prevent you from earning your typical wages. In order to claim compensation for lost wages, you must prove that your injuries have either diminished or impaired your ability to earn wages in the future, which is based on past earnings.

Pain and Suffering

In the legal sense, pain and suffering are considered physical or mental distress. These types of damages are based on the type of injury, the prognosis for your future pain, and the current seriousness of your pain. Pain and suffering can also include emotional or mental damage resulting from the accident or your injuries, such as stress, depression, or anxiety. In some states, a plaintiff may also include pain and suffering damages as a general loss of enjoyment of life. For instance, you were previously outgoing, but since the accident, you no longer have the desire to go out socially.

Loss of Companionship and/or Affection

If you’re married or in a serious relationship and have been injured it may deprive you and your spouse of showing affection, including sexual activity which is generally known as a loss of consortium. This type of damage is different from other types, because the loss of companionship, loss of affection, and/or consortium are damages that are claimed by the spouse of the injured person.

If you have been injured in an accident that was no fault of your own, it’s important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible following the accident. Many injuries don’t show up until several days after the accident and if you have already spoken with your insurance company and agreed to a settlement, if your injuries do worsen over time, even if they are a result of the accident, you cannot file a claim for compensation of these injuries. Along with seeking medical attention, it’s important to talk with a personal injury attorney in order to determine if your injuries are worth filing a claim for compensation.