John Branca Attorney: Four Unconventional Fields of Law Practice

One benefit of practicing law is that you can concentrate your practice in different areas. These areas may include criminal law, family law, estate planning, or employment law. There are also many surprising fields in which lawyers may practice their trade. Some have created influential practices that have helped shape modern law, such as John Branca Attorney to performers such as Michael Jackson. Here are four unconventional fields in the legal profession.

Entertainment Law

John Branca Age 70, has built his career serving actors, musicians, and performers through legal obligations and other life challenges. He states that as an entertainment attorney, he offers services like overseeing contracts and navigating intellectual property issues, but he can also act as a financial manager, therapist, or spiritual advisor. So if you are considering the entertainment law field like John Branca Attorney to the stars, start building connections or seek an LL.M professional degree that can give you a boost to your career.

Fashion Law

Another field that deals with increasingly complex business regulations are fashion law. A fashion lawyer typically deals with complicated intellectual property issues, including trademarks, copyrights, licensing, and even litigation. In this field, you could represent both individual designers or work in a corporate setting for a brand, retail company, or merchandising supplier.

Gaming Law

The rise of computer gaming has created a need for attorneys who can work on behalf of game companies, application developers, game streaming services, and professional gamers. Along with intellectual property, an attorney that specializes in gaming law might negotiate property contracts, talent, player agreements, and other issues. A lawyer for online fantasy sports leagues may require knowledge of both sports betting and intellectual property laws.

Drone Law

Recreational and commercial drones have become extremely popular, but many are concerned that they can cause property damage or infringe on personal privacy. Their use may also conflict with aviation laws. Regulations are also rapidly changing as the use of drones increases. As a lawyer in this area, you may work on behalf of drone owners, drone companies, government agencies, or insurance companies.

If you are looking to practice in an unconventional field of law, it may help to build connections in that field before you graduate through summer internships or clerkships. A successful attorney may also seek additional education or professional experience in a specialized area to develop the knowledge required to excel in that industry.